Novelty on the installation market

The pressure test Pex Plugs plugs are used to carry out leak tests in installations made with the use of multilayer pipes. They are made of technical plastic with very high resilience. They have a thread which, after screwing into the pipe, maintains the o-ring at water pressures exceeding those used during leak tests. The plugs are reusable! Praised by the installers who work – especially – with PEX press systems. They replace disposable press connectors used for leak testing of incomplete installations. They are also useful at wall ducts to protect against dirt entering the pipes. Used during leak testing in sub-zero conditions with the use of compressed air. They find recognition during leak tests of underfloor heating systems before the concrete screed is performed. The use of plugs contributes to significant savings.

The leak test plugs are adapted to the series of PEX/Al/PEX and PERT/Al/PERT multilayer pipes with the following diameters::
16x2,0 mm 20x2,25mm 20x2,0mm 25x2,5mm 26x3,0mm 32x3,0mm

Production technology

We produce leak test plugs by injection moulding on Arburg injection moulding machines, thanks to which we obtain absolute dimensional repeatability. The technical plastic from which the plugs are made, as well as the sealing o-ring, have all approvals for contact with drinking water and food.

The unique origin of our plugs can be recognised by the inscriptions informing about the size of the pipe which a given plug fits and the address of the website.


Opinions about our products

  • Henryk
    Duża oszczędność w porównaniu do prasowania mufy 16-1/2. Korki nadają się do wielokrotnego używania !
  • Jerzy Kalinowski
    Korek rozwiązał temat prób szczelności podłogówki, rozdzielacze nie były gotowe a trzeba było przeprowadzić próbę przed wylewką.
    Jerzy Kalinowski
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